The Gringgo principle!

Gringgo supports the trade of sustainable products which have been produced while respecting


* Socially produced

* Solidarity

* Fair price

* Fairly traded

* Healthy

* Socially acceptable

* Transparent


* Biologically grown

* Environmentally friendly

* Resource sparing

* Energy efficient

* Economical

* Recyclable, repairable, durable

* Regional


* Animal welfare

* Without animal testing

Gringgo provides help to the ...


As a consumer, you are often lost when it comes to buying sustainable and fair products.

Where can you find products that meet these criteria and how do you find your way through this jungle of labels and ingredient lists?

The Gringgo Portal offers insight.


In the digital age, many companies face the challenge of selling online.

But not everyone has the funds, time or human resources to do so.

For others their main focus is still on reinventing themselves and developing their business sustainably.

If you recognize yourself in this description, do not hesitate to contact Gringgo.

Would you like to become a Gringgo?

In order to be permitted on the platform, our suppliers must act in accordance with the principles of the cooperative.

Gringgo evaluates suppliers based on a catalog of ethical and sustainable criteria and awards Gringgo stars for each category achieved.

At least 2 stars must be reached. This is to ensure that the consumer's money goes to a regional company trading in a responsible way.

This evaluation system should also be an incentive for companies to try to improve themselves in various aspects in order to earn any additional stars.

The Gringgo Criteria!

Social Commitment

Acces for people with reduced mobility

Offers opportunities for apprentice- or internships.

Charity: Monetary / material support for charitable projects and institutions

Improve working conditions and employee satisfaction

Inclusion: Hiring of employees with intellectual / physical disabilities, asylum seekers and long term unemployed.

Ecological and ethical offer

Significant quantity of organic, biological, regional, Fairtrade products

Sustainable / ethical services

Environmentally friendly business management

Renewable energy supply

Superdreckskëscht Label for businesses

Use of environmentally friendly mobility

Ecological office supply / cleaning supplies

Nature conservation mesures

Gringgo Bonus (other notable positve features)

Strengthening of the region

Partnership with regional actors

Creation of a regional network

Contractual / economic / commercial exchanges with other players in the region

Unique products - increases the attractiveness and autonomy of the region.

Ethical finance management

Ethical financial management according to the principles of the Economy for the Common Good

Participate in a regional currency system (f.ex. BEKI)

Product labels

Labels on which Gringgo focuses on when selecting products:

To allow the responsible consumer to buy all offers on without hesitation, Gringgo ensures in advance that the products are awarded with recognized labels or that they are produced fairly and locally (eg upcycling). This process is progressive and always leaves room for open discussion when selecting products.

Secondary Product Labels

Gringgo also encourages the presence of the following product labels but in most cases only in combination with one of the stronger labels listed above.

Example: The "OEKO-TEX" label is not sufficient because it is a label that assesses the manufacturing process and not the (bio) quality of the raw materials.

Gringgo therefore orients itself on the GOTS label. (Global Organic Textile Standard)

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