Organic Vegetable Basket "Vun der Atert"

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Vegetable basket with seasonal vegetables (until November) Distribution on Tuesdays, 30 distributions

Cultivation in Beckerich according to the principle of solidarity agriculture in cooperation with cnds (comité national de défense sociale)

Certified organic: LU-BIO-08

Pick up in Beckerich, payment on receipt of invoice, Cash (€ or Beki), bank transfer or debit  if paid in instalments.


Payments frequency

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Choose from the following options

* Large or small

* 1 x per week or every other week

* Payment in 1, 3 or 12 instalments by direct debit or in Beki at Gringgo.

Puick up in Beckerich together with other orders from Gringgo.

What's in the basket?

The quantity you receive may vary depending on the harvest and season.  ---> November. We try to fulfil the desired quantities and take into account the climatic uncertainties and the normal pest infestation in organic cultivation.

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New product

Vun der Atert s.c. 

For an independent, fair & transparent food supply.

The cooperative Vun Der Atert, consists of a TEAM of consumers and producers from the canton of Redingen, who TOGETHER are looking for solutions to promote natural and healthy growth in the region and around the Attert - in a fair and transparent way.

From season 2024 we work together with the cnds (comité national de défense social).

cnds tries to help people who are on the edge of our society and in precarious life situations. They do this by offering services in order to give these people a suitable job.

The cnds already has experience in growing vegetables in the north of the country. However, they still need an antenna in our area, because there are also people in our area who need this kind of help to somehow regain their footing. On you can find out more about the work of cnds.

Ethical finance management 

Vun der Atert is member of De Kär a.s.b.l. and accepts BEKI.

Ecological and ethical offer

Fair independant vegetable production out of Bio seeds, without pesticides.

Social commitment

• Cooperation with Autisme Luxembourg, Inclusion of refugees, educational farm

• Consideration of work plan wishes,

• Transparency and open and tolerant philosophy

Ecological business management

• Located in low-energy building, green power supply, local heating

• Recycled paper & office supplies

• Superdrecks-këscht Label

• No packaging, produces minimal waste

Strengthening of the region

• Cooperator of Gringgo s.c.

• Cooperation with «Autisme Luxembourg»

• Regional brand creation, promotes a sustainable, independent and transparent region