Who are we?

In the canton of Redange a lot of pioneering work has already been done in the fields of agriculture and energy like for example the completion of the local heating networks with biogas plants. This shows that using the power of the collective makes it easier to meet the challenges of the future.

Together with 34 cooperators, Gringgo has been working since 2016 on a regional ecological marketing platform. Gringgo is about the development of the habitat with its economic and cultural life and the associated regional everyday products. Businesses (producers) need a long-term price and sales security. As this security is often lacking in processing chains, we need transparent and more stable regional relations between producers, traders and consumers.

In 2021, Gringgo received the mandate by the Syndicat intercommunal "Kanton Réiden" for the implementation of a leader project: the idea of developing the "Regionalwert AG" from Germany for Luxembourg.

The idea of the "Regionalwert AG" has well developed in Germany in recent years in the food and agriculture sector and we believe that such an idea beyond these essential areas can be interesting for all areas in the regions. With the financial support of Leader and the Ministry for the Environment, implementation is to take place here in Luxembourg within the structure of Gringgo.

Our Support Group

Nadia Manzari

Lawyer and Founder of

I have been in charge of financial law and financial technology for 20 years.

Outside of work I am involved in an NGO that supports sustainable projects in Africa and South America and intervenes in schools in Luxembourg as part of the ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) program to raise awareness among young people.

Gringgo is for me an absolutely important project allowing to support also our region and to promote it by acting together in a sustainable manner.

Gerard Zoller

Producer of colours

For the past 30 years, I have been involved in a wide range of sustainable projects in the West, as an alderman and councilor in the commune of Sëll, and in various clubs and at my workplace at Peintures Robin.

I find that Gringgo's idea is a logical consequence of our efforts to make our region even more resilient.

Patrick Kolbusch

I see it as a social responsibility to make our world more sustainable and fairer. Every day I have the great opportunity to achieve my responsibility through my work at the Oikopolis Group. But also, in my environment I meet over and over again people who are, with their new ideas and visions, thinking out of the box and bring positive changes to our society.For me, Gringgo is worth supporting because I find enthusiastic people here who are committed to a fairer and livable form of coexistence and thus also represent my societal values.

Representatives from all over the country

Through a stable network across the country provides the opportunity to develop new synergies, drive innovative developments and discover new potentials.

From all branches

Our experts originate from all areas which allows for a broad lineup of our support.

Where to find us?

Our office is situated in the co-working space in Beckerich.

Opening hours

Monday by appointment
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6, rue Jos Seyler Strooss
L-8255 Beckerich
GSM: +352 671 025 650
Email: info@gringgo.lu

Gringgo Management board

Paul Kauten

Energipark s.a.

"For me, Gringgo should be something like a permanent Oekofoire or a green Amazon. As a consumer, I know where I can find eco-friendly and socially fair products in the area.

As a business, I get help from Gringgo to promote and introduce my eco-friendly products and services in the area and beyond,

Thereby actors of all areas such as energy, trade, crafts, services, culture, tourism and social, get help to positively develop further and strengthen the area as a whole.

With the positive image that the whole region already has acquired especially in the area of sustainability and the pioneering spirit and the dynamism of the people who live here, Gringgo can become a very valuable building block. "

Max Hilbert

De Kär a.s.b.l.

"More and more people are feeling that something is wrong with our type of economy.

Environmental damage, climate crisis, disputes between rich and poor, global exploitation, a middle class which gets more and more under pressure and much more. But that does not have to be! There are alternatives.

Increasingly conscious citizens and businesses acting consciously face the challenges of our time, take on responsibility and help build a socially fair and prosperous economy. Gringgo is their platform!

Be part of it too! "

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Gringgo s.c.

6 rue Jos Seylerstrooss

L-8522 Beckerich

Tel: +352 671 025 650