Invest in Gringgo, invest in your region!

The concept of the "Regionalwert AG" is implemented in Luxembourg via the Gringgo structure. Gringgo thus stands for the principle of contributing to a sustainable investment that enables the preservation and development of our living environment in economic, ecological and social areas.

All citizens of the different regions have the opportunity to be linked as cooperators with the local businesses and thereby benefit financially but also holistically in their daily life from the future economic success of the regional economy.

Through Gringgo's involvement, in addition to the traditional asset values such as land and buildings, expertise, sales and work process improvements and social structures are created above and beyond the individual company.

By taking the inventory of ecological, social and regional economic achievements, progress is made visible.

However, as a cooperative structure, we offer more than a monetary investment. We support the project with advice and information in the various development stages and provide coaching by experienced people.

It is not just about acting one-dimensionally, but about networking and thus creating synergies in the regions and with customers.

How to get involved?

You can get involved in the cooperative by buying one or more shares and thus support projects selected based on economic, ecological and social criteria through this investment.

This allows new businesses to emerge or traditional companies to survive and evolve.

The final goal is to invest money in long-term and concrete local projects and thereby also helping to secure our diverse cultural world and environment.

Are you planning a project and want support?

When starting or taking over a business, developing a new product or service, financing is often the pivot point.

If your project meets the Gringgo criteria of sustainability and socio-ecological guidelines, we will collectively look for the best and most flexible solution to invest in the project.

This support can range from securing a loan, buying shares, taking out a lease to providing a bank guarantee.

We support the project with advice and information during the various development stages and provide coaching by experienced people.

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