Financial support for your sustainable projects!

You are planning to set up a new company or to take over an existing one?

Develop a product, produce it or offering a service?

You want to be part of a strong network of sustainable companies with your business and gain visibility on the market?

Then you should join the regional Gringgo network.

If your project meets the Gringgo criteria of sustainability and socio-ecological guidelines, we will collectively look for the best and most flexible solution to invest in the project.

This support can range from securing a loan, buying shares, taking out a lease to providing a bank guarantee.

Gringgo Criteria

Additionally we offer the adequate marketingplatform (online-shop) for your product or service. As a matter of fact you don't only profit from the know-how of a regional network but it also eases the contact with partnercompanies and  private customers.

This also increases the visibility of producers and as intersection fosters the cooperation between producer and  consumer.

People who would like to consume more consciously get the opportunity to get information, find orientation and the possibility to buy instantly. 


Application process for a project

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