The platform for sharing renewable electricity!

A platform for everyone!

In order to make concrete progress with the energy transition in Luxembourg, the founders of this project are creating a platform aimed at maximising the value of the locally produced electricity at national level. The platform will be a legal structure in the form of a cooperative, dedicated to managing the exchange of electricity. The founders hope to make a major contribution to Luxembourg's energy transition. 

For the initiators, this platform should also show that we need to think differently when organising essential economic sectors. For this reason, the platform will aim to achieve SIS status and will be guided by the principles of the common good economy. This means that the focus will not be on shareholder profit, but that the platform's economic activity must serve the common good. This also corresponds directly to the establishment of a decentralised sustainable energy supply in the hands of citizens".

Ethical finance management

Societal impact company in preparation (SIS)

Ecological and ethical offer

The offer consists of sharing electricity generated exclusively from renewable sources in sharing groups at a favourable price.

Social commitment 

Consideration of improvements suggested by staff.

Team building.

Paid training for employees.

Ecological business management

Head office in a low-energy building

Uses green electricity and a heating network to meet its energy needs 

Use of recycled paper, office equipment and eco-friendly detergents 

Use of unpackaged, organic and sustainable food.

Strengthening of the region

Collaboration with other companies in the region Energipark, Gringgo s.c., ClimEEC.

A pioneering company in the development of decentralised electricity supply, close to consumers.

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