Kulturmillen a.s.b.l.

Cultural centre of the municipality Beckerich

D'Millen a.s.b.l. is a cultural centre founded in 2004 that works according to two different axes: cultural animation and heritage conservation. 

Our aim is to develop the cultural and tourist potential of the Mill through various activities: Conferences, events, exhibitions, courses, workshops,...

 A wide range of guided tours allows visitors to discover, among other things, the importance of bees and the history of the mill, but also to raise awareness of sustainable development, especially through the energy tour.

 The Millegalerie, a charming space overlooking the garden, exhibits regional and national artists to introduce them to the public. 

The following activities are offered by the Millen a.s.b.l.: 

- Conferences 

- Exhibitions 

- Guided tours 

- Courses and workshops 

- Events

Ethical finance management 

D'Millen a.s.b.l. is a member of De Kär a.s.b.l. and therefore accepts BEKI.

Ecological and ethical offer 

• Energy tour is the most popular tour --> offered in 4 languages 

• Great interest from the 3 neighbouring countries 

• Offer workshops for a more sustainable lifestyle (e.g. zero waste, make your own soap). 

• Lectures on waste reduction. As for example in November 2019 : Jérémie Pichon from the Famille presque Zéro Déchet. 

• Waste reduction week 

• Offer courses on photography, painting, calligraphy, sewing, music, sustainability, etc.

Social commitment 

• The grounds are almost entirely handicapped accessible. 

• Lift for wheelchairs is available 

• Internship opportunities for students

• Voluntary employment of residents from the community in the sawmill 

• Advertising on own website for other institutions 

• Member of : De Kär, Entente des sociétés , ICOM, fire brigade 

• Good working atmosphere

• There is no hierarchy 

• Transparency 

• The seniors of the sawmill, all pensioners, work closely with Millen a.s.b.l. : guided tours, events, ordering of material, building of the wheel of the mill 

• Collaboration with Autisme Luxembourg (printing house)

Ecological business management 

• Membership of de Kär, cooperation with Leader, ORT, Landakademie, Entente des sociétés. 

• Austime Luxembourg, cooperation with the Brasserie & Restaurant 

• Popular art gallery in the canton 

• Wide range of courses 

• Popular tourist destination 

• Guided tours (nature, culture, etc) 

• Meeting point of the region 

• Museum 

• Preservation of the sawmill 

• Former water power technology

Strengthening of the region

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